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What is Research?

Research is more than scientists conducting experiments in a lab. Learn about the steps involved in conducting research and the various types of research...

9/23 12pm
Virtual Event
Webinar: Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation for most people is an afterthought of the career exploration process. It can be a nerve-racking and sweat-inducing proposition, but it...

10/5 12pm
Virtual Event
Graduate School Application Prep

Are you applying to graduate school and want to know what makes an application successful? Attend this workshop to gain tips and insight to help you in your...

10/7 12pm
Virtual Event
Library Orientation for Research

Come learn more about library resources that are available to aid you in your research endeavors.

11/4 12pm
Virtual Event
How to Write an Abstract

Learn how to communicate your research succinctly in an abstract.

11/11 12pm
Virtual Event
Graduate School Application Information Session

Online session to learn the basics about the application and admission process to the Graduate School at UNC Charlotte. General information about the over...

Understanding Diversity Issues in Research

Join us as we present and discuss issues that students from diverse backgrounds may encounter in pursuing research endeavors.

10/21 12pm
Virtual Event
Research Poster Prep

Learn how to create an effective research poster.

12/2 12pm
Virtual Event
 Just Breathe.

Does your schedule have you overwhelmed and out of breath? Join us for a virtual yoga class with a trained yoga instructor. It’s time to relax and just breathe.

9/21 7pm
Virtual Event