Catalonia: A Panel Information Session

In Spain in October 2017, the regional government of Catalonia called for a referendum for independence. Days later, the Catalonian president declared independence. Those resolutions were illegal within the framework of the Spanish Constitution. The central government of Spain took measures such as shutting down the Catalan government and calling for elections in the Catalan parliament. After the election last December, with a tight result between independent and unionist parties, the confrontation is still central in Catalan politics and society.

To provide an overview and a reflection on some of the causes and consequences of the political conflict in Catalonia, faculty members from different departments at UNC Charlotte invite students and members of the campus community to attend a panel discussion followed by a Q&A.

Featuring the following panelists:

  • Dr. Pilar Blitvich, Dept. of English
  • Dr. Juan Meneses, Dept. of English
  • Dr. Julian Montoro-Rodriguez, Gerontology Program
  • Dr. Monica Rodriguez, Dept. of Languages and Culture Studies
  • Dr. Oscar de la Torre, Dept. of Africana Studies
  • Moderator: Dr. Hugo Pascual Bordon, Dept. of Languages and Culture Studies


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Cone University Center


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Event Date & Time

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 5:15 PM