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Personally Speaking On The Eternal Present of Sport

From the opening kickoff of exhibition football season to a sudden death playoff at the Masters, sport arguably is America’s most popular past-time, not to...

9/24 6pm
Welcome to Fairyland: Queer Miami Before 1940

Welcome to Fairyland: Gay Miami Before 1940 Drawing from a multilingual archive, Dr. Julio Capó Jr unearths the forgotten history of "fairyland," a...

9/25 6pm
Reception: Burnt Generation

The Projective Eye Gallery hosts an opening reception for Burnt Generation: Contemporary Iranian Photography. This group exhibition seeks to convey the...

10/10 6pm
Personally Speaking: Applying Science To Create Successful Meetings

A recent estimate suggests employees endure a staggering 55 million meetings a day in the United States. Sadly, most meetings fail to engage us, or even...

11/12 6pm

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