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Atkins Library

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3D Modeling Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to construct your first design for 3D printing using TinkerCAD. This workshop is open to all levels of makers. Please...

1/27 1:30pm
VisLab Full Orientation

In this tech orientation, you'll learn how to use the equipment in the Visualization Lab. This includes the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system.

1/27 3:30pm
3D Printer Training

Learn how to set your own print on the 3D printers.

1/29 11am
Carvey CNC Router Training

Learn how to carve materials using the Carvey CNC Router.

1/29 2pm
Laser Cutter Training

Learn how to cut and engrave materials using the laser cutter.

1/29 3pm

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