3MT Competition Preliminary Round

Dear Grad. Students,

Communicating your research to a non-expert audience is an essential skill in any field. If you're passionate about your work and looking for a challenge to push yourself to grow as a researcher, we invite you to participate in the 2020 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition! 

3MT is a campus-wide competition where masters and doctoral students present a condensed version of their research to a lay audience and compete to win cash prizes. To get an idea, watch the 2018 3MT final round. You should receive more information (e.g., rules, how to submit the presentation, etc.) upon registration by Oct. 26.

How will you benefit from participating in 3MT?

  • Great experience to list on your resume/CV and talk about in interviews

  • Practice translating your research for a non-specialist audience

  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills

  • You will receive a video recording of your presentation 

  • You have the chance to win cash prizes!

Participants will submit recorded presentations by October 31 as part of the preliminary round, and the final round will take place live and online on November 13.

Saturday, October 31 at 11:59pm to 11:59pm

Virtual Event

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