Programming Futures? Epigenetics, Reproduction, & Intergenerational Justice

Join us for the fourth event in our Epigenetics series!

Programming Futures? Epigenetics, Reproduction & Intergenerational Justice.

Epigenetic science often invokes metaphors of “developmental programming,” “metabolic programming,” or “fetal programming” to refer to how epigenetic gene regulation in early development has enduring effects on the body and health. Scholars of epigenetics have demonstrated how pregnant women are typically depicted as vectors for such programming.

Using perspectives from science and technology studies, bioethics, and social studies of reproduction, this talk extends previous work by closely interrogating the discursive and material relationship between reproduction and technology in maternal-fetal epigenetic programming science, with emphasis on the social, ethical, and gendered implications of the scientific production of the fetus and the future as “programmable.”

Tuesday, March 10 at 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Cone University Center, Cone 112
9025 University Road, Charlotte, NC 28223

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